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Terms of Service

By asking for a commission you are agreeing to the terms below.

Terms of service may be updated altered over time.


If you would like a commission, please contact me to make a request.  This can be done through email or one of the following:  Furaffinity, DeviantArt, Twitter, or through this website.


Upon request, your commission will be kept private.  Otherwise, i have the right to post it at my discretion.

For a request, I require the following information:

  • A drawn reference. (Written description only commissions can only be done via stream due to the nature of the commission.)

  • The commission type you're interested in, whether its a cell shade bust, icon, etc.

  • Commission concept, such as a pose, expression or what they are doing. 

  • A small detail about the character themselves. Personality, quirk etc.

Completion dates:

​Some commissions take longer than others to finish. Depending on the image the turn around can be from 1-4 weeks. IF the project is large there is a chance it could take longer. 

If you commission has a hard deadline tell me BEFORE paying, within the request itself. 


Payment and Progress

All payments will be done via Paypal or via square depending on the circumstances. Payment is to be done up front before any work is to be started.

Once paid, unless you tell me otherwise, I will send you a WIP (work in progress).  For each step of the process I will give you updates. With each update I will need approval before moving on. The order of the updates will be as such.

  • Sketchy WIP

  • Line art

  • Flat color 

  • Shading

If the image is a colored sketch, then I will give a WIP of the sketch before moving on. If you wish for something to be revised or changed, let me know before i continue to the next step.


IF it is a sketch commission, I will not change the entire image during an edit. I will follow the directions as indicated within your request. Only minor things (anatomy tweeks, markings, colors etc.) may be changed.


Cancellation and Refund policy

I reserve the right to decline ANY commission if I do not wish to start or continue for whatever reason.

If I have not begun the commission I will allow a full refund for the project itself.

If the project has already been started it depends on how much has already been finished. Partial refunds will be applied depending on the progress itself. HOWEVER if the project has been finished or is near completion a refund cannot take place.

I hold a right to refuse a refund.

Will and Will not draw

If the thing you are interested in is not listed below it simply means I do not hold much experience in the subject or didn't think of it when creating these terms. Feel free to inquire if you have any questions. 

Will draw, things I am good at

  • Anthropomorphic characters (furries, scalies, avians etc.)

  • Humans 

  • Original characters (human like, Orc, Animal ears and tails etc.)

Will not draw:

  • Fan art of original characters without the creators consent

  • Real life people without the persons consent. Idols and celebrities included.

  • Anything anti-religious, racist or promotion of hate of ANY kind.

Fetishes: I hold very little knowledge of most fetishes or hold no experience in the topic. Most I am willing to try, so feel free to ask. HOWEVER, keep in mind I rarely accept NSFW. So if the fetish involves intercourse, there is a strong possibility I will say no.

Reposting and Image usage

After completion of a commission I may upload the image to a social media site unless indicated otherwise. 



  • You may re-post the image but ONLY if you link my account to the image. Not just post "by kuraiscreatures" but give a physical link. 

  • ONLY re-post the image with the watermark still attached. 

Image use:

  • I am allowed to use your (the commissioners) commissions for advertising purposes (such as on future commission examples) HOWEVER I will not use your commissions containing your original characters as prints or merchandise for additional profit without your permission UNLESS the piece contains generic characters (non-OC, such as a plain animal), fan art, or my own characters. If you do not want your images used in advertisements please say so!

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