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Digital Commissions

Looking for art? Looking for something customized? Consider a digital commission! Just be sure before you contact, to read through my Terms of Service (TOS). 

Commissions are OPEN


Refined Sketches

Inspired from mixed media, refined sketches are done to mimic the look and texture of traditional pencils. 

Black and White
Bust 15 | Waist-up 25 | Full body 35


Bust 25  | Waist-up  45  | Full body  60

Clean Lined

Inspired from modern art styles, cleaned line art is done to look like digital art. Clean, smooth line work and color. 

Flat Color

Bust 20  | Waist-up  35  | Full body 50

Shading (Cell) +10

Shading (Soft) +15


Single 30 |Couple 45


500x500 single character icons, used for multimedia/social media environments. These icons can be done in either Refined Sketch style or clean lined and come fully shaded.


Single 40 | Couple 75 


Experimental pieces are wild cards. They can vary between a waist-up to full body. Some may have an added more complicated background, or a simplistic one depending on mood. These pieces can very dramatically and may or may not have different perspective angles, coloring methods or even on character types I am unpracticed on.

These pieces have no *WIP's nor refunds, it is the luck of the draw. 

*While there are no WIP's, if there is a missing key detail to your character at the end, do let me know and i will do my best to edit to add.


ALL Commissions are given either a simple abstract background, solid color background, or transparent background.

Additional backgrounds can very depending on complexity. Varying between 10 dollars - 60 dollars.

Convention Traditional Art

Additional Commission types are available when at a convention, or slightly before.

If attending the same con, these commissions may be picked up at a vendor booth. If not shipping may be added to the end cost.

Know what you're going for?

Feel free to contact me!

If not here, reach out via DM or PM on my socials.

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