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Species status: Semi closed

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Oinds are a species that consist of shadows. 


Oinds originate from what is known as the Shadow core.  The species themselves are simply fragments of those core shadow and temporarily have their own sense of self during their separation.  All are aware of their origins and understand where they go after "life."

-Colors and patterns

Their colors and patterns can very depending on the shadows they resign in or are born from.  But a universal trait is the fact they have no mouths, no noses, or any internal organs.  

As shadows they cannot be pure white. But light variations of gray do occur in rare circumstances.

-Feeding habits

Oinds cannot eat physical food and instead feed off of the emotions around the people around them. This feeding doesn't effect the others, it is a passive thing they naturally do. Depending on the types of emotions however, it can effect the oinds mental state of mind. For example If they are in more hostile environments and oind may become hostile themselves.


Oinds are telepathic and are able to not just read the emotions, but also the minds of those in their company. They are commonly used as translators for other species since oinds get direct intentions and feedback from people instead of actual language.  These intentions and signals can be relayed to those close to them, thus becoming a walking translating device.  

Depending on the age of the oind, their telepathic abilities may be more powerful, Instances of forcing unconsciousness, invasive mind reading and in some cases possession have been known.


Oinds will bond with people around them, and usually will focus on one or two people as their general owner or partner. Because oinds need emotions to eat and feed, they cannot be left alone for too long, if an oind is alone without any form of contact or inability to feed, they simply fade and cease to exist or are reabsorbed into the Shadow-core.

There are no sexes for oinds.  Nor do they hold genders until their partners/owners give them one.  Oinds have no genitals or are even capable of breeding.  They only come into existence after separating from the Shadowcore.  


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